'100' CLUB'

The Beddington Cricket Club ‘100 Club’ is in existence to provide a PRIZE DRAW made quarterly to raise much needed funds to assist the Club capital expenditure on either the clubhouse or the ground.

Subscriptions for members will be paid quarterly by standing order. The subscription will be £5.00 with payments being made on 1st June/ 1st September/ 1st December 1st March

Please complete the standing order form here and return to your bank or use the 100 Club account details to set up the standing order online. The '100 Club Rules' can be accessed here

Each member will receive one membership number. The prize money paid out will be 50% of the income

Draws will be made in April / June / September / January. A larger prize draw will be made in September

These will take place at social events, colts night or on a Saturday evening following matches

Winners’ names will be posted on the website as will items paid for by the 100 Club

Please let Antony Down know when you have set up your standing order so that we can allocate you a membership number and enter you into the draws

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.